How to Find Part-Time Jobs and Gigs in the Singapore Sharing Economy

Gig Economy in Singapore
Singapore Coworking Space

The Singapore sharing economy is experiencing rapid growth as the shift from 9 to 6 working to more people seeking freelance or flexible hours to suit their lifestyle.

Students can work their way through college getting valuable life experiences while paying down their student loans. Old and active retirees can turn their skills, knowledge and hobbies into valuable supplementary incomes. Mothers can work from home as virtual assistants, copy writers or translators while their baby sleeps. The possibilities and opportunities are endless.

We list our top 16 gig and extra income earning ideas for our fellow Singaporeans who want to make extra money every month and who want to taste the freedom of working in the new gig economy.

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The Growing Gig Economy in Singapore [And What it Means to You]

Gig Economy in Singapore
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Jobs Flourish in the Gig Economy

The extraordinary advance of the so-called Gig Economy in the city-state of Singapore created opportunities for independent contractors or freelancers and on-demand workers to get employed in different industries. These sectors include e-commerce shops, Information Technology, banking, transport, healthcare, and insurance. Gig workers opt for a project-based task that provides them with absolute independence, ownership, and flexibility. The concept shows the opposite of 9 to 5 employment.

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